Hey, we told ya that we’d have some cool food and wine videos on the site, right? Well, here are a few to get us rolling, as curated by the staff at Metakitchen.

Here’s a video we just discovered from a site called Cooking with Sugar: Lasagna!

A competing Lasagna recipe…this one from HeyKayli!

Here’s someone named Priyanka – cool name! – and let’s see how she tackles Vegetable Lasagna!

Great segue: here’s another British site, Simply Beef and Lamb, and, in this video, they’ll tell us about which steak we should get:

More steak advice, this time from the Certified Angus Beef people:

If you want to “dry age” that beef, take a look at this (another one from the UK, a company called J Brindon Addy):

For the Metasip site, Dave reviewed some Scotch.