Take That, Rural Chuck Wagon Lady

She makes Cinnamon Toast to die for. We make Cinnamon Toast to LIVE for.

The absolute greatest Cinnamon Toast Recipe in the History of Mankind – and womankind, too – isn’t contained on some TV show or found in some cookbook found on the prairie. NO, dear, gentle, highly impassioned toast-loving reader, the absolute greatest Cinnamon Toast Recipe in the History of Mankind was just whipped up twenty minutes ago by some suburban dad who thinks he’s a professional chef but in reality is just running a blog about cooking. Take That, Urban Chuck Wagon Lady!

Cinnamon Toast You know, I’ve always thought of myself as a good “garbage chef.” Give me a kitchen o’ randomness, and I’ll make something that’s pure awesomesauce, except, if it’s not a sauce, then it’ll just be awesome.

For real, though.

Recently, someone sent me a link to Cinnamon Toast from a notable blogger and I thought – wow, people, that’s pretty freaktastic in its apparent goodness. I should try that. So I did, and it was pretty freaktastic in its actual goodness.

But I can do better. You can do better. We all can do better. The secret ingredient? IS LOVE!

Take That, Rural Chuck Wagon Lady!

No, people, the secret ingredient is not love. The secret ingredient was made obvious to me when I learned that the secret ingredient in the Rural Chuck Wagon Lady’s Cinnamon Toast recipe – vanilla extract – was missing. Horrors!


You’ll need four slices of bread. White bread is fine – we’re using what’s left from our Slow Cooker Stuffing the other day. It’s still good. Chef Don’t Judge. Three tablespoons of butter. One tablespoon of cinnamon sugar – make your own if you want, but it was just as easy to use the store-mixed stuff. (OF COURSE, making your own, out of a concoction of cinnamon and sugar, would be preferred, right? But this is just the same, far as I can tell, and it was handy.)

The secret ingredient: Almond Extract. Use about 1/4 of a teaspoon – it’s powerful stuff.


Uh, you’re mixing the butter with the cinnamon sugar and the almond extract. Soften the butter for a few seconds in the microwave, then smash it together with a fork. Spread it onto the bread – all the way to the edges because you don’t want any inch of bread to be uncovered with this toasted, broiled, sizzling amazement.

We’ve got a brand-new Breville Toaster Oven (which is a mini-oven, in reality, and does everything; we’re in love with it so far). [ADVERTISEMENT: It was north of $100, so, if you bought one or something similar, use this code:¬†10% off purchase of $49+ with coupon code SAVE10.] First, we used the “Toast” setting, 4 for darkness and 4 for number of slices. Once that was done, FIVE MINUTES on the Broil setting – which requires moving the rack up one notch, so it’s closer to the broiler.

You want it sizzling, but not burning. Which the few minutes on the broiler accomplish. Watch it closely…but five minutes did the trick for us.

Serving Notes

Kids went ape for this. I’m not kidding – they wanted more. It’s because of my sheer brilliance in running out of vanilla extract a month ago and forgetting to get any at the store. Because I am that type of chef.


Bask in the glory of the simplicity, the white bread, the Nelson from the Simpsons screaming “Ha Ha” in the direction of Oklahoma or Kansas or Kentucky – whichever rural prairie chuck wagon place that woman lives in. It’s that awesome. Thank me later.

Bread and Butter

Spread that stuff evenly, leave no grain uncovered.

Almond Extract

You do not need vanilla extract. You do not need vanilla extract. You do not need vanilla extract.

Cinnamon Toast to Live For

You have succeeded. The toast is awesome. You are awesome.

I have emerged triumphantly from this challenge, the gauntlet having been thrown down, and the Almond Extract having wrestled Vanilla to the ground. Take That, Rural Chuck Wagon Lady. Your move.