Sous Vide + Blow Torch

We’re the new kid on the block in the food blogging portal universe. So, of course, our post on steaks showcased our naivete.


sous vide blowtorch

Thanks, Sansaire.

That “7 Ways to Cook Steak” post. From the other day. Our…what…fifth day of existence? That’s the one that got people questioning us, and got us looking around for sous vide videos. Especially ones with a blow torch. (Or “blowtorch” if you prefer the one-word version.) So here we are: Sous Vide + Blow Torch.

BTW, if you are employed in either the sous vide or blow torch industries, give us a ring. We’d like to try out your products. Seriously. Call me.

Anyway…while we wait for those to come in the mail (ahem), why not share a video? Or two?

First up, while long-ish at ten minutes and change, this video from YouTuber “CTP” might change the way you think about cooking steak.

Sous Vide + Blow Torch

But…but…wait…vacuum-sealed meat thrown into a water bath? Sounds so…weird.

He’s got the main science down here – aside from a couple questions in the YouTube comments about whether or not to use the wood cutting board, and whether pepper is flammable – the French phrase “sous-vide” actually means “under vacuum.” It’s “low and slow,” like you hear the barbecue people describe their method of cooking, but even lower: meat is cooked at 131-140 degrees, and the goal is to have the temperature of the meat equal to that of the water bath.

Obligatory Wikipedia Link Here: Sous Vide.

Sous Vide Equipment

The leader so far…at least the one that pops up highest on Google when we searched…is this bad boy from Anova Culinary. At $179 it’s more affordable than some of the other options – even with your Bed Bath & Beyond coupon that seems to show up in the mail every day.

Here’s a screengrab from their website; this looks like a serious machine.

Sous Vide Machine

Thanks, Anova Culinary.

Serious must be the operative word; the website “Serious Eats” gives this machine props.

But…do you really need a machine? Or can you whip up something without having one of these machine thingies?

Sous Vide Duck Breast – with no machine!

Food Wishes delivers the goods here…this insanely easy kitchen hack uses just a Ziploc bag, an accurate thermometer, a big stock pot, and a silicone mat. Then he crisps the duck in a frying pan. And I’m hungry.

Blow Torch?

I’m a guy, so I think that is a rhetorical question. You could skip to the end of the first video to watch the blow torch in action, or you could avoid the blow torch like the duck video above (a high heat sear at the end is gonna give you the crusty, charred flavor you want).

Or you can watch all 45 seconds of this video, where the blow torch takes center stage.


And, if you’re reading this and want to get me a Sous Vide machine to try out… it’s dave [at] metakitchen [dot] co.


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