Some Guy Cooking an Egg in a Microwave

The more I think about “Kitchen Hacks,” the more annoyed I get.

Egg in a MicrowaveReally, is some guy cooking an egg in a microwave really a “Kitchen Hack?”

First, watch this:

Then, let’s talk…

First of all, I said my piece on the kitchen hack issue in that other post. At least, I think I said my piece. Secondly, I think we’re talking about productivity for the sake of internet memes here: which is precisely why I titled this post:

Some Guy Cooking an Egg in a Microwave.

Taste? Flavor? Convenience? Doing it just to be “cool?” Those are some of the reasons you might want to cook your eggs differently – like Eggs in a Muffin Tin.

As you build your Metakitchen, you might want to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Seriously: the post above talks about presentation of the eggs, and the fact that they’re moving and wanted something quick for the family that can be put in the fridge. Awesome.

Meanwhile, there are other egg techniques out there that are just as quick, or maybe even quicker – I cooked my egg in the microwave, start to finish, including the video, in under three minutes (you don’t see me spraying the cooking spray in the bowl).

As we build out this site, we’re asking ourselves that very question: “Why are we doing this?”

Honestly, because we needed to whip up an egg for the dog and wanted to have a video on YouTube.


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