What good would a food site like this be…without recipes?

Metakitchen Your Recipes LogoThat’s a darn good question, and we’re glad you asked. You can get your recipes just about anywhere on the internet, so…why here at Metakitchen?

Well, for starters, while we’re building this network of food and wine bloggers, we’re focusing on the up-and-comers. The independents. The home chef who thinks they’re ready for prime time. (That could be you!)

We’ll share recipes of our own here, and some from sites we like and trust. But we’re looking for your help, too – your tried-and-true recipe for that killer dip you serve, or the awesome side dish you make every Thanksgiving, or the casserole that is perfect in the middle of winter. If you’ve got one that you think is worth it to share with the Metakitchen community, let us know! Email us at recipes [at] metakitchen [dot] co.


Salted Caramel Nutella Brownies.

Our own twist on the Slow Cooker Stuffing.

Check back soon…more to come.