Slow Cooker Stuffing

Slow Cooker Stuffing Mix It Up

Our own version of this stuffing is really easy; in fact, the hardest part might be either chopping the onions or wiping away your tears. First of all, a major shoutout to the website; their recipe served as the inspiration for this post. BUT, to be honest, we had to do some tweaking, which […]

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7 Ways to Cook Steak

7 ways to cook steak

Ah, the listicle! The bane of the everyman’s existence – but a necessity with any new blog. We are not alone here at Metakitchen Headquarters: we love listicles. (Why are they called that, anyway? Who knows.) So as we were researching some videos – which you can see here on the site under, um, Videos […]

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Will It Goo?

Metakitchen Logo

Something tells us this sort of thing could catch on. Will It Goo? Great question. Take something, boil it down, and see if it turns into goo. (Or another substance. Lava? Something crunchy? The possibilities are semi-endless.) Longtime friend Gary Unger shared this video and asked: “Is this the kind of thing that will work […]

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Introducing Metakitchen

We’ve had some fun at Metasip – and we’re quietly building a pretty robust network over there…reviews, user-generated content, videos…all aimed at the wine, beer, and spirits world. Now, it’s time to take it, as they say, to the next level – a network for ALL food bloggers…tools, tricks, videos, recipes, reviews, kitchen gadgets, cuts […]

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