Metakitchen LogoWhile we build a network of Food and Wine Bloggers (and, well, people who talk about all sorts of other stuff…like Beer, and Spirits…and Kitchen Equipment…what about gadgets? Fine Dining? Herbs and Spices? Vegan Living? Ah, we’re getting ahead of ourselves), we are bumping into sites that we like. So we thought we’d link to them here – these links are provided as a service, and no endorsement is implied. Metakitchen is here to serve…you!

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Now, those links!

Links provided in no particular order. We’re focusing on blogs, bloggers, and tools for those in food and wine blogging; so you’re not likely to see a restaurant here. Just letting you know…

Food and Foodie Sites:
Where’s My Gravy.

Hearth Wench.

The Kittchen.

Disney Food Blog.

Something Fresh.

Gourmet Rambler.

Prepared Housewives.

Foodable TV.


Food and Wine.

Smitten Kitchen.

Huffington Post Taste.



Wine, Beer and Spirits Blogs and Websites:
Your Wine Girl.

Pints and Pups. (From friend and Metasip contributor Bill Mayeroff.)

J. Brindon Addy

People…MORE LINKS TO COME! (Sorry for yelling.)

Srsly, if you have a food or beverage (food and wine? food and drink?) blog or vlog, let us know! info at metakitchen dot co.