We present some of the best kitchen hacks we’ve seen…so far…here at Metakitchen.

These aren’t ours, mind you – we’re working on that – but we think some of these may change your life.

For instance, a video that shows you how to cut a lime to get all the juice.

Next, a hipster takes on a cast iron skillet:

(If he’s too much of a hipster for ya, try Martha Stewart’s version of the same trick. Sorta.)

While we’re on the subject of cast iron cookery, why not cook a steak in one, using the “constant flip” method?

This is my favorite Gordon Ramsay video. Fluffy eggs!

Speaking of eggs…here’s Chorizo and Eggs in a video.

Demon Viper (?) walks us through this pork chop recipe without talking (?) but it still looks yummy.