7 Ways to Cook Steak

Ah, the listicle! The bane of the everyman’s existence – but a necessity with any new blog.

7 ways steakWe are not alone here at Metakitchen Headquarters: we love listicles. (Why are they called that, anyway? Who knows.) So as we were researching some videos – which you can see here on the site under, um, Videos – we discovered that there are several ways to cook steak. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Or, at least…seven. That’s why we call this post 7 Ways to Cook Steak.

Take a look – you’re sure to find a method you didn’t know of, or learn something new about one of your favorite cuts.

1. Simple, Pan-Seared Steak

Chow.com shows us how here. 3-minute video.

2. Steak au Poivre

Watch this video from Laura Vitale:

3. 32-ounce Cowboy Steak

4. New York Strip Steak – on a Big Green Egg

You have to have a “Big Green Egg” – or a Costco knock-off – because there’s a 600-degree heat need here.

5. Gordon Ramsay Cooks Steak at Home

This video is from Food World Malaysia. Gordon adds butter. And uses an oil we have never heard of…”groundnut oil.” (That’s what the Brits call “peanut oil.”)

6. Filet. Kobe Filet.

Mark Spelman, a chef in El Paso, has his own seasoning for this Kobe beef. (Which is expensive, mind you.) Shallots! Butter! Cognac! FLAMES!!!

7. Start in Oven, Finish with Sear.

These guys do it backwards. But…oh, my!

There have to be more videos, but we don’t have all night, so let’s start with seven. (Maybe the next one will be called “8 Ways to Cook Steak.”)