For the Tea Lover

I’ve worked with a couple folks in my career who can (politely) be called “Tea Elitists.” And really, shouldn’t the same attention be given to them that’s given to the coffee lover?

tea loverToday, we’re going to focus just a little on tea and those who obsess with it. Or fuss over it. Or just simply love a cup in the morning. Today, this post is for you, the tea lover.

In usual Metakitchen style – and with this friendly reminder that you should totally like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter – we’ll share a video or two, as well as a product or two or three. And maybe a statistic or two or three. Products where we have an affiliate relationship will be clearly marked as “ADVERTISEMENT.” So, without further ado, we present…

For the Tea Lover

Item one will look great in any tea lover’s kitchen – provided you have the right color scheme going with your backsplash and whatnot. Check this baby out – ADVERTISEMENT:

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Price: $99.95

(I want one. And I don’t really drink tea.)

Next, how about a video. A music video! These guys are pioneers in the musical genre known as “Chap Hop.” And this song is about tea.

BTW, another ADVERTISEMENT – here’s a general link to our friends at

Wait a second, how do you actually BREW tea? Watch this video and learn why the tea bag is considered…uh…evil.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video…here’s a quick bullet-pointed recap:

  • Hand-picked tea is superior
  • Sometimes tea bags come from stuff that’s leftover on the floor at the factory
  • Any sort of bag, satchel, etc. is not good either
  • You can brew loose-leaf tea and it’s not inconvenient
  • There are two types of brewing: “Western” and “Tea Ceremony.”

And, here’s a video from a site called TastyTeas that will show you a few of the loose-leaf varieties of tea.

There you have it – a quick share For the Tea Lover. Drink up!